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Welcome to the only professional lash lifting studio in the Triangle! We are a luxury lash lift boutique located in the heart of beautiful Cary, NC.

  We are so proud to specialize solely in eyelash artistry, allowing us to put all of our passion and focus into one area - creating gorgeous lash lifts.  We believe that mastery comes from diving in deep and achieving excellence in one particular area or specialty.

For us, that is lash lifts!

We pride ourselves on creating beautifully lifted lashes for each and every one of our clients. As we consider your eyelash health and specific eye shape, we can customize our technique to achieve the best lift results possible, without compromising the health of your natural lashes. 

As an exclusive lash lift studio, we are the go to place for beautiful lash lifts!

"Her eyes have their own vocabulary. What a beautiful language to learn."



Studio hours


 109 Brady Court Suite 100

Cary, NC 27511

By Appointment Only

Tuesday - Friday

8:00am - 4:00pm

Call or Text: (919) 805-0149