What is a lash lift?

A lash lift is a treatment that lifts and curls your own natural lashes. No synthetic lashes are used. We are able to enhance your natural lashes using a silicone shield and lifting solutions that allows us to transform your straight lashes into beautifully curled, bold lashes. So whether you have long or short natural  lashes, the reshaping magic of a lash lift will make your eyes pop!

How long does a lash lift last?

With proper aftercare, your lash lift can last 6-8 weeks. Many clients will book their lash lift treatments 6 weeks apart to maintain their lift results. The color will last 4-6 weeks.

Are lash lifts safe?

Yes. When this treatment is performed using proper technique and high quality products, it is completely safe for your lashes. We carefully and strategically place the lift solutions so that they never come in contact with the skin. In fact, the keratin infusion treatment actually promotes strong, healthy lashes. Many clients notice a positive difference in length and density after just a couple of keratin treatments.

What is the lash lift process like?

This process is pain free! At Blink Lash Lift Studio, we make this process feel like a relaxing spa service. All of our services are performed in privacy, so you will never receive a treatment in a room with other clients. You will be reclined comfortably with your eyes closed for the entire process. Most of our clients are so relaxed they fall asleep! The lifting process involves placing a silicone shield onto each eyelid, where your lashes will be placed in an upward position. Lifting solution is then placed onto the lashes using the proper protocols based on your specific lash density and thickness. Once complete, the shield is removed and your lashes are locked into the their new lifted position.

What is the difference between a lash perm and a keratin lash infusion?

The Classic Lash Lift (Elleebana Perm) and the Keratin Infusion Treatment™ both produce equally amazing results when it comes to the lifting power of the treatments. The classic treatment uses traditional perm solutions that are alkaline based to lock the lashes into their new lifted position. The classic lash perms have been a part of the beauty industry for some time now and continue to deliver fantastic results. The keratin infusion is a newer lift treatment and quite different from a traditional perm. In fact, it is not a perm. It is a chemical-free option that not only lifts the lashes but infuses keratin into each lash as it lifts. It also increases the diameter of each lash by 40%. Basically, both treatments produce gorgeous lifts, but the keratin infusion is a natural lifting option that conditions and creates stronger, longer lashes over time.  

Is at-home maintenance necessary between lash lift treatments?

One of the best things about lash lifts is that they are very low maintenance! We recommend the lashes remain dry for the first 48 hours following the treatment for best results. After your appointment, we will introduce you to some great nourishing products to take home in order to keep your lashes conditioned and to extend the life of your lash lift results.

Can I get a lash lift if I am allergic to eyelash extensions?

Absolutely! Eyelash extension adhesive contains an ingredient called cyanoacrylate, which is the ingredient that is most likely to cause an allergic reaction. Our lash lift products do not contain this ingredient. We have several clients who are allergic to lash extensions and are extremely happy with their lash lift results!

Is the lash lift treatment ok for everyone?

We require clients to be at least 18 years of age to receive a lash lift treatment. Lash lifts may not be suitable for those who are pregnant since the pH of the lashes can be altered during this time, and may not react properly to the lash lift solutions.

I have other questions...

Please contact us at 919.805.0149 and let's chat! 

How to prepare for your appointment:

  • Please arrive for your appointment with clean, makeup free eyes

  • Avoid eye creams and eyelash serums at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment 

  • Avoid any type of stimulant, such as caffeine, before your appointment (as these may cause jittery eyes)

  • Please keep in mind that you will need to wait a minimum of 48 hours after the application before wetting your lashes